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1Benefits of Model Predictive Control of Gasoline Airpath ControlThivaharan AlbinScience China Information Sciences, 2018
1Reduced Order Modeling for Multi-Scale Control of Low Temperature Combustion EnginesNuss, Eugen; Ritter, Dennis; Wick, Maximilian; Andert, Jakob; Abel, Dirk; Albin, Thivaharan Active Flow & Combustion Control Conference, 2018
1Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of a Discrete-Cycle GCAI Engine Model – Simulative AnalysisNuss, Eugen; Wick, Maximilian; Andert, Jakob; de Schutter, Jochem; Diehl, Moritz; Abel, Dirk; Albin, Thivaharan International Journal of Engine Research, 2019
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1Nonlinear MPC for combustion engine control: A parameter study for realizing real-time feasibilityAlbin, Thivaharan; Frank, Felix; Ritter, Dennis; Abel, Dirk; Quyrinen, Rien; Diehl, Moritz IEEE Multi-conference on systems and control, 2016
1Boost pressure control strategy to account for transient behavior and pumping losses in a two-stage turbocharged air path conceptAlbin, Thivaharan; Ritter, Dennis; Liberda, Norman; Abel, Dirk Energies, 2016
1Model-based Control of Combustion Rate for Compression Ignition Engines using Multi-pulse Fuel InjectionRitter, Dennis; Abel, Dirk; Hänggi, Severin; Albin, Thivaharan; Korkmaz, Metin; Jochim, Bernhard; Pitsch; Heinz Symposium for Combustion Control, 2018
1Optimierungsbasierte Verbrennungsratenregelung für Dieselmotoren mittels MehrfacheinspritzungRitter, Dennis; Abel, Dirk; Korkmaz,Metin; Pitsch, Heinz; Hänggi, Severin; Albin, Thivaharan Flammentag, 2019
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3Development and Experimental Validation of a Real-Time Capable FPGA Based Gas-Exchange Model for Negative Valve OverlapGordon, David; Wouters, Christian; Wick, Maximilian; Lehrheuer, Bastian; Andert, Jakob; Koch, Charles; Pischinger, Stefan International Journal of Engine Research, 2018
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3Decoupling of consecutive gasoline controlled auto-ignition combustion cycles by field programmable gate array based real-time cylinder pressure analysisWick, Maximilian; Lehrheuer, Bastian; Albin, Thivaharan; Andert, Jakob; Pischinger, Stefan International Journal of Engine Research, 2018
3Development and Experimental Validation of an FPGA Based In-Cycle Control Strategy for HCCI Combustion StabilityDavid Gordon, Christian Wouters, Maximilian Wick, Bastian Lehrheuer, Jakob Andert, Charles R. Koch and Stefan PischingerSymposium for Combustion Control, 2018
3In-Cycle Control for Stabilization of HCCI Combustion Using Direct Water InjectionWick, Maximilian; Bedei, Julian; Gordon, David; Wouters, Christian; Lehrheuer, Bastian; Nuss, Eugen; Andert, Jakob; Koch, Charles RobertApplied Energy, 2019
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5Low- and high-temperature study of n-heptane combustion chemistry
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5Detecting Combustion Intermediates via Broadband Chirped-Pulse Microwave Spectroscopy
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